TLS Productions has expanded its inventory with 30 Movecat Postage 24m 1000 kg D8 Plus Chain Motors. These new Chain Motors are accompanied by a new MOVECAT Motor Controls ED8 and a MOVECAT MRC 8 Remote Controls.

Movecat‘s PROstage D8+ chain hoists are a new MOVECAT product that are capable of carrying safe working loads of 1000kg whilst having almost identical dimensions to, and being only slightly heavier than, a 500 kg D8 Plus rigging hoist. This is through using new advances in technology and material processes. This has allowed for the MOVECAT PROstage D8+ to be so strong yet so compact and lightweight.

They are the ideal hoists for day-to-day rigging and have many professional applications.

If your in need of a D8+ Chain Motor for your event, contact us on 08 9488 3366


Photos of new D8+ Chain Motors in cases taken by Guillaume Laurent

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