Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting

TLS Productions stock a large range of powerful intelligent lighting systems that can be programmed to provide a myriad of multi-directional lighting effects and patterns.

Our team of event specialist can create lighting designs to your exact specification to lift your production to the next level.

Contact TLS Productions now and let us realise your design.

Our moving or intelligent lighting range includes:

  • Clay Paky Scenius Spot
  • Clay Paky Mythos
  • Clay Paky Sharpy
  • GLP Impression X4
  • GLP Impression 120RZ
  • GLP X4 BAR
  • GLP JDC1 Strobe
  • Martin Mac700 Profile
  • Martin Mac700 Wash
  • Grand MA 2
  • Grand MA 3
  • Chamsys
  • Road Hog 4
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