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Make Your Next Event Memorable with TLS Productions. We are Perth’s Leading Event Management Specialist.

Our Vision:

The TLS vision is to utilise our professional industry strengths and extensive experience in the technical fields of creative light, sound and audio visual production in partnership with our clients to create the perfect tailored experience and outcome on all occasions.

Core Business:

Our core business is to design, supply and operate lighting, sound, audio visual and staging systems for events large and small including product launches, installations, exhibitions, conferences, weddings, public, private and corporate events, concerts and festivals.


TLS Productions is a privately owned event hire company based in Western Australia. Commencing operations in 2001, TLS Productions has pioneered its way through nineteen years of professional high level industry experience within the ever- changing events industry around the nation. As well as maintaining professional industry skills for all technicians, TLS continues to build and utilise its extensive inventory of the latest lighting and audio-visual equipment to ensure the your event is every bit the success you planned.


TLS Productions believes in the idea of ‘convergence’; that your event is not simply a schedule of equipment and cues, rather a ‘here and now’ experience determined by the meticulous orchestration of all show elements to heighten the sensory experience for every audience.

As a leading event management specialist in Perth, we believe in providing exceptional service for clients through our innovative design, planning and management of your production. This includes the incorporation of contingency planning and the attention to detail ensuring that the show will always go on.


Keeping abreast of technology is key to success at TLS.

Our staff undertake ongoing accreditation training and professional development across emerging technologies and production techniques. They are progressive in seeking ways to innovate and maintain the cutting edge that sets your special event apart and maximises success.

Together the TLS staff create a formidable production team of specialist lighting, sound, audio visual operators and event producers – all focused on polishing every production element of your event and maximising the impact to your audience on all occasions.

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