Our Company

When did TLS commence operations?

TLS Productions is a privately owned event production company based in Perth, Western Australia established in 2001.

Where is the TLS factory located?

Our factory is located at 76 Dowd Street in Welshpool. See our Contact Page.

Why choose TLS Productions?

TLS Productions believes in the concept of ‘convergence’; that an event is not simple a schedule of audio, lighting, visual effects and talent, but rather a cohesive and orchestrated experience that provides maximum impact, on time and on budget. We understand that every detail is important and we set the benchmark in providing quality service from conceptual design through to project completion, factoring in contingencies and risk management strategies to ensure your event will be a remarkable stand-out success.

Hire & Sales

How can I hire equipment?

You can book directly via email  hire@tlsproductions.com.au or phone 08 9488 3366

Where do I pick up my hire?

All collections can be made at our factory location. Our factory is located at 76 Dowd Street in Welshpool. See our Contact page.

If you require delivery and collection from your location, please let us know when you book with us.

What identification must I provide to hire equipment?

The Hirer must provide driver’s license or passport details when picking up equipment.

Will TLS show me how to use the equipment I hire?

Our technicians will give you a rundown of the workings of your equipment. TLS can also provide an AV Technician to operate the equipment at your event.

How can I pay for my equipment?

TLS accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex or funds transferred in full before the day you require your equipment. Credit cards incur a small fee.

Can TLS deliver equipment?

Metropolitan & State-wide delivery is available.

Do you have an after hours support number?

It is advisable to set up the equipment before the event you are having. Technical support over the phone is available 24/7 — call 08 9488 3366.

What happens if an item fails during the event?

Technical support over the phone is available 24/7 call 08 9488 3366.

Our equipment is tested and serviced upon return of each event. If you do have an issue with a piece of equipment which is diagnosed as being faulty, we will credit the hire item charge to you as listed in our terms and conditions of hire.

What is your cancellation Policy ?

TLS Productions has a well-defined Cancellation Policy that ensures transparency and fair treatment for all parties involved. In the event of a cancellation, the following fees will be applied based on the level of notice provided:

– 8 or more calendar days notice of cancellation before delivery will incur a 30% cancellation fee of the quotation value.
– 3-7 days notice of cancellation before delivery will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the quotation value.
– 48 hours or less notice before delivery will incur a 100% cancellation fee of the quotation value.



Can I hire ongoing and keep the equipment?

Long term hires can be a solution for consecutive events. TLS provides competitive rates.

Can I hire under a company name?

Invoices may be made out to a company name, however the person who is receiving the equipment from our premises will need to provide the correct ID and agree with the hire terms and conditions at the time of collection or delivery.

Can I get a discount?

The hire prices we have on the individual items are every competitive, however we are happy to price match with any competitor. The best way to get the best price for any equipment is to hire the packages, which have each individual item in them discounted to be a package price.

When does the equipment need to be returned?

Most of our customers’ book hire equipment over a weekend, so typically the equipment is required back on Monday following the weekend. Please check your booking page / invoice that is sent through on your email.

I’m in a hurry, can you have everything ready for me?

The hire departments are open all day, though if time is a premium on the day that you would like to collect the equipment, the quickest way to handle a pickup is to make sure you have all the ID documents and payment ready. It will take the staff a very short time to organize the gear in comparison to fulfilling the ID details. Also call ahead where possible and find out the times that the department you are visiting is not so busy with other customers, and schedule your pickup then.

What time and day will my delivery arrive?

We will deliver on the requested day of your booking and give you a 1 hour window frame for our arrival. This will be communicated on the confirmation email once the delivery detail has been received.

Is the equipment I hired insured?

The equipment is not insured whilst in your care. It is recommended to store it in a safe location until returned, and care for it as if it were your own.

What if I ‘blow’ a speaker?

It is quite difficult to blow a speaker entirely, and the quality of the speakers we have in hire are very good, though if they are abused or misused the component which has been damaged will need to be replaced at your cost. In each hire department there is a list for all the individual components that can be damaged.

Can someone help me load up the equipment?

We will have staff to assist with equipment.

If I return a hire late do I pay a late fee?

Yes, if the equipment isn’t returned on time the hirer must pay the daily hire rate for the equipment  until it’s returned.

What happens if the gear is lost or stolen?

The hirer is responsible for the equipment and replacement costs associated with loss or theft.

Are my details kept on file, and can I have them removed?

You may request your details to be removed once all the equipment has been returned and accounted for. Please remember that by having your hire agreement details removed, in the case where you want to hire again you will need to not only bring ID down but fill out a new hire agreement again.


Can TLS provide a technician to operate for my production?

Yes, TLS has a team of outstanding audio visual Technicians to set up and operate for your event.

Maintenance and Repair

I have broken equipment, can TLS fix it?

Yes, TLS has a team of AV technicians who can clean, service and repair a wide range of products.

I need parts, can I buy from TLS?

TLS can provide and source parts for a wide range of products on request.

How much should I expect to pay for repairs?

Depending on the equipment which has been broken, some things are cheap to repair and others are expensive. When something is required to be repaired we will obtain a quote for the repair given our knowledge of the individual components and the labour involved in repairing or replacing the items which will be communicated to you before charging the credit card.

Custom Design & Sales

I have specific requirements for my project, can TLS design custom equipment?

TLS can custom design almost anything to meet the specific requirements of your project. Our award winning technicians have designed and installed many unique lighting and AV installations. Whether it be custom casings to protect against harsh environments or one off AV solutions, TLS have both the skill and creativity to achieve a successful outcome.


  • Architectural Façade Media
  • Indoor LED Lighting fixtures
  • Architectural LED lighting fixtures and solutions
  • LED screens
  • Protective casings
  • Interactive audio-visual solutions
Can I buy specialised equipment from TLS?

TLS can provide information and source the latest products to achieve your project goals.


Interested in a career with TLS?

We have a team of Event Coordinators, Lighting, Audio Visual technicians – register your interest and send a resume to – info@tlsproductions.com.au.


Can I mix between two iPod’s or laptops?

Yes, in all the iPod packs we have 2 connections that allow you to have both things connected at the same time, however you will need to request an additional cable which can be added when picking up your order.

Does the equipment come with stands and cables or do I need to get them separately?

All our hire sound equipment comes with cables to connect it in to the next piece of equipment. All things we hire that require stands come with the stands.

Can I plug an iPod into the speaker?

Where someone needs to run music from a portable audio device, phone, or laptop it is a requirement to hire one of the iPod packs which come with the speakers and cables, as well as a small mixer which will allow you to plug any of these devices in together, and control the volume of the speakers from one central location.

Is the equipment hard to set up?

Every effort has been made to simplify the process for all our hire equipment, though if you aren’t sure about how to set up the equipment we can show you when you’re collecting, and assist over the phone in the case where something isn’t working for you.

Do the lights move with the music, or do they need a controller?

All our lights are set up to be music activated, this means that there is a small vibration sensor on the back of the light which will activate the different colours, patterns and options of the light when there is music playing. To test a light is working in this mode, plug it in to power, wait a few seconds and tap the outside of the unit until you see the light move along with the tempo of the taps.

What kind of equipment do you hire?

TLS productions house a wide range of audio visual equipment and accessories.

  • LED Screens – Trailer Mobile LED Screens, Rubix P8 LED Screens, Rubix Flying Bar
  • Vision – Media servers, Projectors, HD Plasma Screens, Fast Fold Screens, DVD Players
  • Audio – Powered Speakers, Subs, Foldback Monitors, Sound desks, microphones, equalisers, amplifiers & stands
  • DJ Equipment  –  CDJ’s , turntables, speakers, Serato, Cd Players, Laptops
  • Staging equipment – various sizes of stages, skirts and steps, DJ consoles
  • Lighting – Moving lights, conventional lights, Effects  lights, LED lights, Strobes with Lighting consoles and dimmers.
  • Conference equipment – Lecterns, A1 Flipcharts, Lectern microphones, Electronic whiteboard, tripod screen, plinth
  • Drapes & Hardware – Black Wool Drapes, Poles and Base plates
  • Pyrotechnics & Aerotechnics  –  CO2 jets, Confetti canons & DMX Flames
  • Trussing/Rigging/Hardware –  a range of  Box and Tri Truss, base plates, chain blocks and motors
  • Smoke/Atmosphere FX – Smoke machines, Hazers, Low Fog generators, Fans
Do I need an external amp to use your speakers?

All our speakers have an amplifier built in, this means they are easier to set up and handle, they come with all cables required to plug into any DJ mixer, and the process is as simple as plugging them into power, setting the volume on the back and turning them on at the switch!

How do I know what speakers to hire?

On each speaker system product and hire pack there is a ‘person’ logo which will give you an idea on how many people the speakers in the pack are designed to work for. This will give you an idea on the suitable systems for the crowd you are expecting. If you are expecting a larger crowd, simply look at the next system up, or add on some extra speakers!

Does all your equipment work, and is it tested?

All our equipment is tested and serviced upon returning from a customer, ready for the next person to hire. Where an item had a fault during operation we will credit the value of the item that did not work for you.

Can I modify your existing packs?

All our packs are set up with the inventory in mind, and the feedback that we’ve got from our customers. We don’t allow substitutes for the packs, as they’re based on what items are most popularly hired together, though you can add any extras you may need to the packs to create the perfect solution for your event.

Do you hire extension leads and power boards?

The equipment that we hire has piggyback leads on each power connector which will allow multiple items to be plugged in to one power point. If you need some power extensions that’s fine; please let us know when booking.

Why do I need to use a mixer to plug my iPhone or microphone into the speakers?

It is always advisable to use a mixer with a laptop, iPhone, or microphone to a speaker as it will allow the protection of the speaker, and also ease of use. The speakers have a volume adjustment on the back of them, and with the mixer controlling both speakers at the same time it will ensure a nice even sound throughout the event as required. It will also allow a microphone to sound the best through both speaker and control the level of the music and microphone.

Do I need a sub with the speakers?

Depending on the type of music and the sound that is desired for the event, a sub may or may not be necessary. The easiest way to decide is to consider the use of a sub to be more of a ‘nightclub’ sound, with a strong deep bass output. The speakers themselves will go quite loud but having a subwoofer will fill in the bottom end and make the music sound the best it can.

What are the best lights to use outside?

Using lighting outdoors does not need to be complicated. In fact we have some very popular hire packs that are specifically outdoor lights. The great thing about having a series of lights used outside is it allows you to set a colour theme or highlight architectural or natural features easily, while having a great party atmosphere. These lights are also ideal for function rooms and events where you can’t use a fog machine as the lights will provide a theme, colour and movement option without the use of the fog machine.

How loud are your speakers?

The actual volume the speakers can continuously output is 134dB. This is suited for about 100 people to a pair of speakers. The sound packs have ‘people’ logos on them to help you decide what sound pack is going to be suitable for the crowd that you’re expecting.

Does the fog machine come with liquid?

Our fog machines come with a reservoir full of Martin Pro Smoke (Heavy fog) liquid, which is the best liquid available. This will mean the output fog will hang in the air for a much longer time than cheaper fog liquids, to give you the best effect without having to have the trigger button glued down! If you are planning on having an extended party and require more, we sell 5L bottles for $60 at the hire counter.

Why would I need a fog machine?

Dance lights effects are mainly based around the movement of the colour light, and that light being seen refracting through fog from a fog machine through the air. There are some lights that will cover a lot of floor area that will not need a fog machine to have a good output, but all dance lights and lasers will work best with a fog machine.

I don’t know what equipment I require?

If you are unsure of what equipment to hire for your event, contact TLS and discuss your ideal result. TLS AV technicians have a wealth of experience with a combined event total exceeding 10,000. A professional and successful end result is a guarantee.

Do you provide a demo of the equipment?

There are a number of items that have demonstration videos on the website, though if there are any of the items that you would like to see in person we do have the ability to demonstrate anything for you.

How do I connect the speakers to the iPod mixer?

The iPod mixer has a small headphone jack connection, which will allow two devices to be connected at the same time, as well as labelled outputs for the cables to connect in from the speakers. The yellow fader will control the volume of the speakers together, while the red volume knobs will control the volume for the ipods. As there is also a volume control on the iPod or laptop it would be recommended to turn that up to full volume, and then adjust the mixer volumes to get the best output of the speakers through the mixer, this will also allow you to set the volume of the speakers below maximum to protect them as well.

Do I need to use all the cables connected to the back of the speaker?

We have a cable loom connected to the back of each speaker to allow connection from a number of different audio sources. It is not required to have each of them used;  just the connection type that you are going to need for the equipment you are plugging the speakers in to.

For DJ mixers that have RCA (Red/White) output, the red adaptor cable needs to be plugged in to the blue end, and then connected to the red and white connections for the master output on the DJ mixer.

For iPod mixers and mixing desks that have Jack connectors, the green adaptor cable will need to be plugged in to the blue end, and then connected to the round jack outputs at the top of the mixer (Labeled Spk L – R)

For 4-channel DJ mixers, and large mixing consoles such as the EFX8 and FX16ii, connect the round, XLR cable directly into the output of the mixer. No adaptor cables are required.

Will a fog machine set off fire alarms?

There are two different types of fire detectors, those which detect heated particles in the air (ie. things on fire), and an older style which just detects particles. If the function room that you’re having an event in can’t tell you what type of fire detectors they have, it’s safe to say they will probably be triggered by a fog machine.